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A421 x 29.7 cm24.4 x 33.1 cm
A329.7cm x 42 cm33.1 x 45.4 cm
A242cm x 59.4 cm45.4 x 62.8 cm
A159.4cm x 84.1 cm62.8 x 87.5 cm

Our prints come with the option of WITH WITH BORDER (which includes a small white border surrounding the image) or NO BORDER. If you choose WITH WHITE BORDER, the image will be shrunk slightly smaller on the page to accommodate the border size, with the paper size remaining the same. If you select NO BORDER, the image will fit the entire page, edge-to-edge. Please note this border is simply a few centimetres of white space allowing for a separation between the print and the frame, which is a nice option if using our framing service, depending on the look you desire. If self-framing, please be sure to check measurements first before deciding if you need to include the white border or not.

Border Options


If you select to purchase your print with a frame, we will frame the art print for you so it is ready to hang when you receive it.

Our frames are made from high quality real wood and come in a choice of 3 different colours: natural raw wood, painted white or painted black.

The frame border width is 17mm, with a 17mm lip from the glass to the edge of the frame. The glass covering is made from 2mm clear glass.

Our frames are fitted with backing board and hangers for both portrait and landscape hanging.